Welcome to Woof! App™

Woof! App is the exciting way to live the gay bear lifestyle, whether you're on an Android device, iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch!

Are you a gay "bear" looking to socialize with other bears? Then Woof! App is for you! (Woof! App is for gay bears 18 and over.)

Bear Runs, Blogs, Podcasts, and Regional Bear Groups at your Fingertips

You get the Bearowser, the bear version of a web browser. It's preloaded with links to your favorite bear web sites! Don't cruise on Bear411 in Safari, lest little Timmy (your nephew) find that in your cache when you loan him your iPod. No, use the Bearowser instead, making it harder for little Timmy to see where you've been. ;-)

(NOTE: Not all sites are available on the iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch version, because of Apple's requirements. The Android version is uncensored.)

But wait--there's more.

Trying to decide which bear bun you'll do next? Well, Bear Woof! has the Run tab, which shows you a list of upcoming bear runs, sorted by date. Tap on a bear run to see some general information about it.

There's still more!

Woof! App lets you "woof" at other bears nearby. It has a handy selector, so you can woof normally, woof sexily, woof 60's style, woof assertively, or just give a Woofalicious!

Have fun with your fellow bears today! Bear Woof! is the exciting and fun way to interact with other bears and find out about upcoming events.

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